K2MMIP: The Realization Of A Dream

After more than 3 decades of being a dream project of the Region, the Kabulnan 2 Multi-Purpose Irrigation and Power Project (K2MIPP) is slowly unfolding under the stewardship of Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya. This estimated 32.2B project will benefit some 19,628 hectares, generate 170 MW of hydropower and provide potable water to about 1 Million users, and even mitigate flooding in the lowland areas of Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao provinces.

The project damsite which was very difficult to reach then, is now accessible thru the constructed access road under the project preparatory activities. Regional Manager Diosdado A. Rosales together with Sultan Kudarat IMO Manager Flora May D. Respicio and staff visited the site at Sta 0 +000 last April 23, 2020. Also inspected are the on-going confirmatory sub-surface geological drilling activities at the dam axis and the Intake Tunnel Axis.

NIA continuously plans and implements projects that would foster Regional Economic development and ultimately improve our farmer’s Quality of life in the countryside.