NEDA 12 Conducts Monitoring Visit at MMIP II

NEDA-12 personnel Guillermo R. Manrique, Jr., SEDS and Roy B. Catague. EDS 1 recently conducted a monitoring visit to the project site of MMIP II with the primary purpose of seeing the current status and progress of the project, giving them the opportunity to know the different issues concerning project implementation and the current action and solutions undertaken to address these issues. With them were Carlito Y. Uy, Past President-Secretary of SCCCIFI; Cherry W. Bravo, SBMS; Nestor Lumawig, PSR/RDC-12; Jose Ronie V. Mondragon, NGO-RPMC; Eunice P. Garcia, PPMC – Cotabato Province; Mohammad Farcie B. Abutazil, LGOO II, DILG; Eusebio V. Macasaet, Engr. VII, PEO; Ric S. Cabañog of DOLE-12; and Edris P. Gandalibo, Mokamad P. Bituanan and Zabide D. Andie, PIO/PPDO – North Cotabato Province.

The monitoring team was met by NIA 12 Regional Manager and Concurrent MMIP II Project Manager Ali S. Satol assisted by Engineering Division Manager Reynaldo M. Sarigumba, Administrative and Finance Division Manager Camilo F. Alburo, Construction Chief Abedin L. Hadjisalikand other project staff and personnel.

Before proceeding to the project area, Engr. Reynaldo M. Sarigumba, MMIP II Engineering Division Manager, briefed the visitors on the status of implementation of CY 2015 packages particularly LMC-009 Packages 1-4, LMC-008 Packages 1-4 and the lateral drainage canal at Upper Malitubog Service Area (UMSA) which they are planning to visit. Mr. Guillermo R. Manrique of NEDA-12 also requested for the presentation on the background of the project for them to have a glimpse of MMIP II which is the focus of their visit. The Manager gave a short background of the project and the problem in the process of releasing of funds which is one of the hindrances in the speedy implementation of the project.

The NEDA -12 Team requested for a copy of the letter regarding the additional requirement of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and a copy of the submitted request for unpaid claims to serve as attachments to their reports.

 After the site visit, the group went back to the MMIP II office at Villarica, Midsayap, Cotabato for an Exit Conference. They gave their observations/finding and recommendations regarding the project. The team noticed that the two major problems which caused delay in project implementation are right-of-way  and delay in fund releases by the DBM. Mr. Manrique asked for some clarifications on the issues presented

The team tackled the issue on right-of-way and the new requirement of the DBM for the submission of photos taken before, during and after project completion which drastically affects the implementation of the project. The NEDA-12 Team committed to forward these issues to the national Project Management Office to resolve and to inquire from the DBM Central Office for clarification of the requirement and also to explain the side of the office regarding the said concerns.

The representatives of various local sectors also shared their observations and findings during the visit. These include completed structures already paid but needs to be relocated; policy on List of Due and Demandable Accounts Payables (LDDAP) should be opened to the central committee which affects project accomplishment; regular maintenance of access roads, completed facilities, drainage along barangay road up to the palm oil plantation to protect it from flash flood water although there is still a main drainage to be constructed at the end of Package 4; presence of a standby worker to assist in the unloading of embankment materials; monitor the presence of coconut roots in the concreting works; use of coconet to protect the side slope of the embankment; after pictures to support the claim of right-of-way damage and a better time frame for progress billing.

 At the end of the day, it was concluded that the most important are the solutions  arrived at to address the concerns are for the well-being of the farmer-beneficiaries. The team then thanked the MMIP II management for the assistance extended to them during their visit and expressed their hope for the office to meet their target and complete the project.